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Bathhurst Massage Therapy - Manipulation of the visceral organs is actually a physical therapy which works on the visceral organs of a person's body which includes the intestines, heart, liver, and abdomen. As soon as the initial evaluation has been completed, the hands of the practitioner would be gently placed on the organs that could be blocked and are not flowing with the normal rhythm of an individual's body causing some form of physiological impairment. The aim of the therapy is to have natural mobility and motility, inherent tissue movement of the tone and viscera. Our bodies require natural movement so as to be in good physical shape and work properly. Whenever tissues become infected or swollen, they are known to lose normal movement.

The pushing and pulling of all nearby tissue is defined as mobility. The visceral organs will move in response to voluntary or involuntary exterior factors. Impairment or irregular functioning of the organ would mean constraint.

The kinetic expression of the tissues in motion or the organs active, basic motion is known as Motility. Inscribed within the visceral tissues are the embryologic axes and directions of all these motions and they occur round a point of balance and moves in the direction of the median axis of an individual's body. This is actually called expir and inspir, and cycles between 7 and 8 cycles per 60 seconds. The objective of enhancing organ performance and restoring a much better physiological motion is acquired by using certain techniques to treat areas of altered or lessened movement.

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