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Therapist Bathhurst - Somatics therapies are designed to assist people with muscular disorders of an involuntary and unconscious nature. Somatics aims to help gain control the muscles by using the voluntary motor system. Somatics is the method for teaching conscious and voluntary control of the neuromuscular system. The method includes basic movements performed with the patient and the practitioner together. It is neither massage nor manipulation and could have a more profound effect as opposed to either of the aforesaid therapies in terms of relaxing muscles on a long term basis. It is an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We tend to tighten up our muscles due to injury or repetitive overuse. Under stress, our bodies see the same effects; by holding some muscles groups tight for long periods of time our brain is retrained to hold these tensions for an indefinite period. Several common examples are when a hairdresser develops hand or wrist pain, or a mechanic can develop back spasms or neck pain. This muscle tension could even manifest in the form of headaches and someone who is often encountering stress at work or at home could develop reoccurring headaches.

Our bodies are extremely adaptable. As we get used to this tension, we forget how to relax it. Muscle stiffness and fatigue become permanent. As a result, joint degeneration, chronic fatigue and inflammation may be some of the long-term side effects which take place because of that tension. Pain relievers merely hide the continuing degeneration and do not fix the root cause. Stress connected symptoms such as sciatica or headaches could happen seemingly inexplicably. On the other hand, we might not have whatever existing injury. It may have healed but the residual painful muscular tension could interfere with movement and convince us that we are still handling the injury.

Tight muscles lead to stiffness that results in pain. Because our brain controls our muscles and since Somatic education teaches us how to relax our muscles, therapy that consists of Somatic education has some advantages to those therapies applied to muscles and joints alone. There is normally quicker recovery time and much less ache reported all through Somatic therapy. In numerous cases, Somatics is enough as a stand-alone rehabilitation process. The number of sessions considered necessary depends on the difficulty of the condition. Usually, improvement is noticed quickly, even with issues that have been deemed "stationary and permanent."

A few of the symptoms of a muscular tension problem are: mysteriously appearing and disappearing ache, if pain continues when injured tissue must have already healed, or if pain worsens over time and defies diagnosis by your doctor of medicine. In whichever of these cases, Somatics could offer the assistance you require to be able to truly feel much better.

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