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Yoga Bathhurst - It is generally believed that the practice of yoga originated in India, though it is not entirely established where or when it started. A 2000 year old work known as The Yoga Sutra by Patanjali is the original written mention of the practice. Previous to this, yoga was an oral practice that was passed on from person to person.

Yoga is best known nowadays as a form of exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the body via several postures and poses called asanas. Yoga goes way beyond a simple exercise practice. Among the best reasons to take up yoga practice is the holistic outlook on life it includes in view of the fact that it works the mind, spirit and the body. If you are interested in trying new forms of exercise, than yoga is a great place to start. It offers a nice break from the weight rooms; the treadmills and the pool while not only exercising your physical being but provides a great way to exercise your spiritual well being too.

There are many various schools of yoga. Every form has its own unique philosophies and practices. Regardless which form you choose, yoga is an extremely diverse practice. It is a great combination of relaxation and fitness and people of whatever age could acquire numerous benefits from regular yoga postures and practices or asanas. There is no competitive nature associated with yoga as each person takes the pose to their very own pace and ability. The asanas could each be adjusted in order to fit physical restrictions and any complications.

There are 5 common yoga schools, even though there are other schools and paths which have been established with many variations that are not mentioned here. Some practices, like for example Bikram Yoga are based on a particular instructor's habits and teachings. The most well-known 5 yoga schools comprise: Tantra, Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini and Mantra Yoga.

The Hatha Yoga has been around for lots of years and has become a very popular variety of yoga. The focus of Hatha is the several methods for breathing, as well as many meditation and asanas aimed at perfecting the body and mind. Another well-known kind of yoga is Ashtanga. This kind is significantly much faster-paced than the other schools and regarded by many as an aerobic form of yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is distinguished by the smooth, quick transitions between poses.

Kundalini Yoga is a school that is focused on channeling and awakening what is referred to as kundalini energy. This energy is most easily described as life energy that lies dormant inside our bodies. It is usually represented by a coiled snake. Mantra Yoga is one more well-known school which is focused on calming the body and the mind by using words and sounds. It is common to hear the popular "Om" in this particular school.

Tantra Yoga is the last of the 5 popular schools talked about here. It is well known for its focus on sexual spirituality. Tantra likewise concentrates on Kundalini energy too but their intention for awakening it is much different compared to individuals who practice Kundalini Yoga on its own.

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