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Bathhurst Therapy - Prolotherapy, or nonsurgical ligament reconstruction, is a treatment for persistent pain. It is helpful for several issues including neck and back soreness, sports wounds, fibromyalgia, unresolved whiplash injuries, persistent tendonitis, degenerated or herniated discs, sciatica, TMJ, arthritis and partially torn ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

What is prolotherapy? It is first important to acknowledge what the term prolotherapy itself means. ``Prolo`` is short for proliferation. The therapy induces the growth, formation or proliferation of new tissue in areas where it has gotten weak and usually where the pain is present.

The structural "rubber bands" that hold bones to bones inside our joints are referred to as ligaments. Ligaments when injured or weakened may not heal back to their original endurance or strength. This happens largely since the blood flow to ligaments is restricted, and therefore healing is gradual and never always complete. Ligaments even have multiple nerve endings and this allows the person to feel throbbing at the areas where the ligaments are loose or injured.

Tendons are the name given to tissue that links muscle tissues to bones. In the exact same manner tendons may additionally get injured, and bring about pain.

The usage of prolotherapy involves injecting sugar water liquid or dextrose into the ligament or tendon anywhere it attaches to the bone. A localized tenderness normally occurs when this solution is injected to the weak parts. The blood supply will increase because of this and the circulation of nutrients induces the tissue to restore itself.

History reveals that Hippocrates first used a version of this remedy on soldiers who had torn or dislocated shoulder joints. He jammed a hot poker into the joint and it will then heal normally. The principle is similar right now, initiating the body system to restore itself.

How long is it going to take to finish a course of treatments?

As we have totally different therapeutic abilities, reaction time for treatment from one person to another varies. Usually, the therapy for an area addressed should be between 4 and 6, but some may take ten or more. Some may only want few treatments before they are ok. The best thing to do would be to have a consultation by a trained doctor ahead of time to make sure you are an appropriate candidate. After therapy starts, the physician could relate how well you're responding and can provide an exact estimate.

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