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Medical Clinic Bathhurst - Bioimpedance Analysis or BIA is a straightforward and noninvasive technique utilized to ascertain body composition. The accurateness of a BIA machine is dependent upon various things like for example the choice of machine and on the number of frequencies at which measurements are taken.

Originally used more than 30 years ago, BIA devices calculate the total water content of the body. By passing a very minimal strength electrical current through the body the impedance to the flow of the current could be determined.

BIA is primarily based on 2 main concepts. First, the reality which a person's body has water as well as conducts electrolytes. Water is found in the cells inside an individual's body, in intracellular fluid or otherwise known as ICF and outside the cells inside the extracellular fluid or ECF. At high frequencies the current goes through both the ICF and ECF whereas at low-level frequency, while a current goes through the ECF space it does not enter the cell membrane.

Second of all, the impedance of a geometrical system is related to conductor length, its cross sectional area and signal frequency. Utilizing these concepts, a value for impedance could actually be measured from a fixed level current being passed through an individual's body. This current is inversely proportional to the quantity of fluid. Total fluid determinations could be made specific for extracellular fluid by appropriate choice of signal frequency.

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